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iOS App for the Restaurant

With the development of mobile technologies, more and more companies in different industries are trying to support their business with the help of specialized mobile applications. The restaurant business is one of the most rapidly developing areas. Catering establishments launch services for ordering by using mobile devices.

We received an order to develop an iPhone application for the Japanese restaurant chain Niyama.

Initially, it was assumed that the application would contain a menu and an order form while having a concise design and a minimum of functional elements. But as the project was discussed, it became clear that one of the main tasks of the future application, in addition to providing menus and orders, is to show the status of the company and its advantages over competitors.

Therefore, it was decided to expand the functionality of the application and make it more interesting for users.

Help information about restaurants has been added, including a photo catalogue, display on a map, and the ability to call the selected restaurant.

The possibility of authorization of users from the site was also included and access to archives of orders was opened. Synchronization was carried out with the user's favourite delivery places. Another innovation was the ability to determine the exact delivery address from the received GPS coordinates.

The application implemented the possibility of using discounts on cards and the possibility of ordering with pickup.

The main technical advantage of the application was the ability to keep the database of menus and restaurants up to date while saving user traffic.

For the application being developed, a design was created in the corporate style of the chain, a serving counter was added, and pleasant sounds were inserted to create a feeling of feedback from the application for the user.

At the moment, the application is hosted in the Apple Store and is available for download.